About Me

 "The James Of All Trades," as once dubbed by a co-worker: massage therapist, flying trapeze instructor, singer, actor, dancer, musician, composer, math tutor, rock climber, athlete...and most importantly, husband and father to two beautiful ladies...and a dog.

James has tried his hand at just about everything, so he understands most people's ailments on a personal level. He's got strong hands from rock climbing, but the sensitivity of an artist.

James was a music major / dance minor in undergrad, and continues to take jobs as a performer. Between gigs, teaching, and raising a family, he completed his degree in massage therapy at Swedish Institute: College Of Health Sciences, the prestigious New York City program that is heralded as one of the best massage schools in the country.

Now, massage therapy is his main focus of work. He loves helping people and making them feel better, whether through entertainment or with his healing touch.

NV State License NVMT.8014

NY State License #029136

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